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26-18 Professional Formula
•Glucosamine for Healthy Joint Maintenance
•Omega Extreme Skin and Haircoat System
•Complete and Balanced Nutrition for all Live Stages

Preferred by Professionals * Recommended By Professionals

Circle J Extreme Dog Fuel is a unique food created using the hands-on knowledge of professional dog experts. We combined this knowledge with the expertise of top pet food manufacturing professional to produce a performance food that is second to none.
Our Formula utilizes our exclusive Omega Extreme Skin and Haircoat System. We use only select ingredients that provide a proper balance of Omega 6 and Omega 3 fatty acids for good immune function, improved skin moisture, and a thick shiny haircoat.
Why the plain brown bag? Some so-called premium brands pay up to $6.00 per bag for their fancy printed bags. We at Circle J Extreme Dog Fuel put our money in our product - Not in our bag!
Try Circle J Extreme Dog Fuel for sixty days and see the difference it makes over ordinary dog foods!

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